How We Help You

      We provide education and training to improve your employee policy.

      We provide claims management to keep your business’s costs to a minimum.

      We provide hearing representation so you’re not alone in arbitrations and administrative proceedings.

      We offer litigation services based on structured fees in order to provide predictable legal costs.

Workers Compensation 

In order to effectively manage your Workers’ Compensation costs, you must begin by evaluating your claims management procedures. In order to improve those procedures you must start before the claims actually occur.  

We create claims reporting procedures to fit you how your business actually. operates. One size does not fit all. Our work includes creating a process to gather relevant information. We then train your supervisors in the importance of implementation of those procedures and gathering that information. Finally, we assist you in analyzing the information and help you form a strategy to contest those claims you should contest and manage those claims, which although compensable, need to be watched closely to ensure that they don’t become more expensive than they need to be.  

We partner in the process by being there at the beginning. We offer fee structures that allow you to predict and budget legal costs. In doing so you are utilizing your resources at the most effective point in the process in order to achieve the best possible result.

Employment Law 

Compliance is a critical factor in preventing regulatory trouble points arising from the ebb and flow of your business’s human resources. Wyatt & Associates helps its clients remain compliant with lawyers who have extensive experience with employment regulations governing diverse employment issues such as medical leave, disability, and wage and hour. 

At Wyatt & Associates we  work with business owners and employers to identify, isolate and remediate compliance risks. Our services include designing human resources policies consulting, internal investigations, training, and auditing. Sometimes an employment dispute is unavoidable. Wyatt & Associates is able to help its clients resolve disputes efficiently with lawyers who defend clients in state and federal trials and appeals, arbitrations and administrative proceedings on a variety of issues that include discrimination, retaliation, and unfair labor practices.


We are trial lawyers .  From Common Pleas Court  to Federal District Court, we have and will try cases.  The willingness to take a case to a jury is important. We have been doing it for over 30 years.

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